Get results by tapping into your best resource — the potential of your individual employees and teams!

LIFO® - Life Orientation's unique approach identifies each person's strengths and styles. LIFO® doesn't label or typecast - It opens up possibilities and provides strategies for individuals and teams to reach their goals.

The LIFO® Method:

  • Maximizes potential by encouraging use of underused strengths.
  • Improves collaboration for better teamwork.
  • Helps to overcome the day-to-day roadblocks and conflicts that get in the way of high performance.
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About Life Orientations

THE LIFO® METHOD is a means for understanding and working well with people. It helps us discover our strengths and how much we use each of the four basic behavioral styles. It does not label people or put them in a box. Each one of us is a unique combination of all four styles.

We are not one thing or another. We are one thing AND another.

We begin by identifying the individual’s basic orientation to life, or personal style. Based on this foundation of self-knowledge, it offers powerful strategies that enable individuals and groups to work more effectively together, be more influential when dealing with key people, and achieve better results in teams.

Highlights of the LIFO® Method:

  • LIFO® is a complete performance improvement methodology. It is not a personality profile.

  • Provides strategies to help people align their intentions with behaviors that will create the most positive impact.

  • LIFO® uses a preference based behavioral styles approach that is contextual and self-reporting.

  • Uses every day language, rather than unnatural acronyms or jargon.

  • Encourages the full use of your strengths and helps you avoid ‘blind-spots’.

  • Helps people work with each other by tuning into what others respond to best.

  • Offers Easy to implement strategies for success-individual awareness, team optimization, and organizational excellence.

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