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Every organization is faced with favorable and unfavorable conditions every day.
Understanding how your team works when these conditions change is essential to getting the results you want.
Take a look at our team under various working conditions.

Ethan Schutz | President and Chief Executive Officer

Ethan Schutz | LIFO Master Trainer

LIFO® Practitioner

What do Ethan’s LIFO® survey results say about him?

When conditions are favorable, Ethan is very dedicated to his work and aggressively seeks to do his job in a way that brings him positive rewards and does the most good for the organization. Hard-driving, he is willing to do everything he can to be a part of a winning team and effort.

Unfavorable conditions trigger in Ethan a genuine concern for the welfare of everyone who is affected. In the face of troubles, he communicates care and concern while sharing a warm and friendly outlook that encourages others to think about the positive outcomes that are possible. He prefers to work collaboratively to solve stressful problems, and is motivated to minimize conflict and solve disagreements rationally whenever possible. Ethan places a high value on respectful, civil relationships and expects others to live up to his standards of conduct.

ES LIFO Scorecard

Marcia Johnson | Head of Client Engagement & Support – Life Orientations®

Marcia Johnson | LIFO Master Trainer

LIFO® Master Practitioner

What do Marcia’s LIFO® survey results say about her?

When conditions are favorable, Marcia cares deeply about the organization she works for as well as the people working with her. She attempts to be objective in order to prevent personal biases from clouding her decisions. A believer in fair play, she adheres strictly to the rules and expects others to play by the same rules. She is friendly and tactful while holding people accountable.

When conditions are unfavorable, Marcia will analyze how other will be affected before taking action. She will come up with a sensible, well-defined solution that will reduce stress for everyone involved. Marcia is flexible and willing to compromise in order to resolve conflict, as long as the other side is reasonable and the bargain makes sense.

MJ LIFO Scorecard

Lorin Gold | Head of Client Engagement & Support – The Human Element® & Related Solutions

Lorin Gold

LIFO® Practitioner

What do Lorin’s LIFO® survey results say about her?

When conditions are favorable, Lorin is eager to compete and strive for high goals, and can sometimes intimidate others whose aspirations are more modest. While she fosters a sense of family spirit, others have to earn their place in the family by hard work and top results.

When conditions are unfavorable, Lorin responds by quickly throwing intense energy in several directions. Her main goal is to restore the situation to normal as soon as possible. When conflicts arise, she states her position in a positive and assertive manner, careful to be tactful in her treatment of her opponent’s position. Willing to take a leadership role to resolve conflict among others, Lorin is likely to step forward to defuse tense situations and get everyone working together harmoniously.

LG LIFO Scorecard

Jerry Miller | VP, Global Licensing

Jerry Miller | LIFO Master Trainer

LIFO® Practitioner

What do Jerry’s LIFO® survey results say about him?

When conditions are favorable, Jerry is a loyal, dedicated team player, who takes pride in his work. Idealistic, he stays true to a high code of ethics. Jerry believes in people and likes to give them the benefit of the doubt; however, if he feels betrayed or his trust is violated, he is unforgiving. While generally accommodating to others, he becomes dogmatic and moralistic when he feels wronged.

When conditions are unfavorable, its easy for Jerry to see both sides of the argument and naturally find a “win-win” solution that benefits both sides. His commitment to principles is tempered by a lighthearted sense of humor and a wish to smooth over conflict so people can again feel good about being together.

JM LIFO Scorecard