LIFO® in Your Organization

How LIFO® Can Really Make a Difference

“The LIFO Method enables each person’s unique strengths to be understood and applied for best effect.”

—Dr. Allan Katcher

LIFO Training focuses on strengths — on what’s right about leaders, teams, and individuals. It begins by identifying each person’s basic orientation to life and work. Based on this information, it offers powerful learning strategies for greater personal productivity, increased influence with key people, and more effective teamwork.

Bringing LIFO into your organization is a systematic process that will lead to sustainable results. The process includes but is not limited to the following steps:

  1. Complete the ‘Request a free consult’ form on the right
  2. Provide some basic information to include your organizational objectives
  3. You will be contacted to schedule a fact-finding conference call
  4. Organization participants will take the LIFO Survey
  5. Results are reviewed in live session or remotely with LIFO Practitioner
  6. Organization participates in one of the LIFO Workshops
  7. Development plan is introduced to ensure sustainable results

Outcomes of LIFO® Training in Your Organization:

  • The LIFO® Weighted Team Profile identifies most preferred, back up, and least preferred team styles.
  • The results are used to explore team dynamics and create action plans for increase performance and effectiveness
  • Identify new approaches of interacting with colleagues and clients
  • Leverage the use of the individual’s unique mix of strengths and styles
  • Provide new options for meeting objectives
  • Provide ways to control the excess use of strengths