What is the LIFO® Survey?

An Inventory of Personal Behavioral Preferences

This Is Not A Test

The LIFO Survey is a self-reporting assessment that takes approximately 15 minutes to complete. There are no right or wrong answers and the results provide participants specific feedback for personal and professional development .

Contextual and Situational

There are a series of context specific surveys with topics ranging from leadership to selling styles. The surveys measure behavioral style preferences, which may change in different environments, so it is essential to establish context. This is a major advantage of the LIFO® Method.

Behavioral Preferences, Not Personality Types

The LIFO® Survey is a contextual assessment of your behavioral styles, in other words, what you do, as opposed to a static review of your personality type, who you are.

Identify Impact of Preferences on Productivity

When you and your organization are aware of your preferences, you can begin to implement the developmental strategies that will have an immediate impact on productivity.

The LIFO Survey provides businesses with behavioral analysis to improve communication and efficiency

About the Survey

The LIFO® Survey is available online or in paper format. The survey utilizes a ‘forced choice’ construction to identify preferred behavioral orientations. To learn more about all the LIFO® Surveys, applications and languages available, click here.