The LIFO® Method

Driving Results for Individuals and Organizations

The LIFO® Method begins with one of nine surveys. The results generate the individual report interpreted with the guidance of a certified LIFO® practitioner. Six basic strategies are then offered for individuals and teams to achieve high performance.

Progressive Mastery

Learning activities are carefully sequenced so participants build confidence as they quickly acquire relevant skills, perspectives and insights.

Self-Evaluation Instrumentation

Surveys, checklists, open-ended questions, and other self-evaluations enable participants to ascertain what they most need to learn.

A Record of Written Responses

Participants write down their responses before discussing them. They gain a sense of ownership and clarity about their own responses and are protected from being unduly influenced by the reactions of others. This also gives them a permanent record of their own individual learning.

Simple Conceptual Framework

Everyday language, a structured approach, and the linking of key concepts in simple patterns facilitate discussion and shorten learning time.

Personalized Learning

The learning tools are highly evocative. They serve as “cognitive Rorshach tests” which allow participants to learn from their own experiences rather than using abstract models, simulations, or case studies.

Small Group Discussions

After writing down their responses, participants break into pairs or trios for discussion. This enables them to explore their own feelings, gain feedback from others, and develop commitment to following practical action plans.

Researched, Evaluated, & Tested

After analyzing the needs of industries and organizations, our professional staff of instructional designers and master trainers reviews the existing literature, develops programs, tests them in pilot groups, and revises them until we know they work well.

For Participants and Trainers

Over thirty-five years of experience in trainer training, consulting with managers, and conducting training programs. We create programs that can be easily transferred to in-house trainers when that becomes the most practical method for facilitating learning in a wider audience or for follow-up sessions.

Tailored for Your LIFO® Needs

Whether you want to get a LIFO-trained officer on staff, improve your entire staff or just the management team, The Schutz Company will tailor a program that will meet your needs and provide the basis for continued success with LIFO®.